18 Mar

Micro Mobility Revolution: The Case for Single Rider Systems

When it comes to transportation and mobility, nothing quite measures up, or down, to modern micromobility vehicles, as their small size and ever-growing efficiency continue to enthrall the market. After Connected Cars & Ride sharing platforms for...

12 Mar

First Hand Experience about Farmers March to Mumbai by Dr. Avkash Jadhav

Farmers March to Mumbai has reached to the city. Whether they are 35,000 or more, it is an unprecedented number of people who are walking for their rights. Our Shaper Madhish Parikh's friend Dr. Avkash Jadhav shared this note, we thought this is wort...

18 Nov

Shaping Identities Shape South Asia 2016 concluded in Colombo

Third Edition of Shape South Asia was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in September 2016. With the central theme of "Shaping Identities" - entire event was an amazing learning experience for the shapers who came from across the South Asian and other co...

28 Jun

Removing the Failure-Stigma at Shape South Asia 2014

I was asked by Global Shapers Ahmedabad Hub to share my work with Shapers from South Asia during Shape South Asia event hosted in Ahmedabad on 2 – 3 October 2014 as a part of Harvest Learning. I knew what I had to share and it was not my work that ...

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