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18 Nov

Shaping Identities Shape South Asia 2016 concluded in Colombo

Third Edition of Shape South Asia was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in September 2016. With the central theme of "Shaping Identities" - entire event was an amazing learning experience for the shapers who came from across the South Asian and other countries.

From local issues of displacement, unbalanced development of cities to some remarkable and inspirational stories of culture and heritage of Sri Lanka were witnessed through the guided knowledgeable tours by Colombo Shapers. National leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers gathered to participate in a stimulating conference which carried the sessions and activities which touched the global context in a local way.

Our Shaper Nirmeet Kacheria speaking on the panel "Re-imagining South Asia" at #ShapeSouthAsia. He brought into account the some startling points.

1. The Government is getting younger, youth are getting involved in Governance and contribute to the growth and development of the region.

2. We are rapidly adopting technology to do local innovations. The innovations taking place in the region are cost effective and are improving the lives of millions.

3. Youth is using Social media quite effectively to create their own narrative, challenge the status quo and bring in social change.

4. Rise in entrepreneurship is giving way to innovation, creation of variety of jobs, unleash the creative potential and more job creation.

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