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28 Jun

Removing the Failure-Stigma at Shape South Asia 2014

I was asked by Global Shapers Ahmedabad Hub to share my work with Shapers from South Asia during Shape South Asia event hosted in Ahmedabad on 2 – 3 October 2014 as a part of Harvest Learning. I knew what I had to share and it was not my work that I have being doing in YuvShaala. My work is available on my company’s website and other online portals. I dint want to share my success story as well and become a boring hero in their lives. I wanted to use this opportunity and wanted to make an impact in their lives. I wanted to do something which they will never forget.

Something which everyone is afraid about is Failure in any aspect of life, take it personal or professional. The response which anyone normally receive after failure is somewhat like –

“Ohh my god you failed”

“You are disgusting that you failed”

“You failed, you are worthless”

“You failed, you should be outcasted”

I want to take away this fear from everyone’s heart because this fear takes away innovation, real feeling, it takes away happy emotions from anyone’s life. I have been a victim of this fear for so many years myself.

The idea was simple to share my failures on this platform so I decided to share 14 failures in my entrepreneurial life. I also wanted them to take something back from this session so one of my team mates (Neelima Raheja) made envelopes of handmade paper and another team mate (Sandeep Joshi) designed a message card which asks people to share their failures on social media. We thought that there should be something symbolic as well so as it was a harvest learning session so we decided to gift flower seeds so that every shaper plant it in their respective home and whenever they fail they should look at this and remember that failure isn’t bad.


The content team mate (Sherein Bansal) worked on the slogan which is –

You Will Fail.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Share it.

The objective is simple that accept your failures and share it openly so that we are able to break the paradigm of failure being a curse.

The failures I shared can be read in the note I published on my facebook profile:

Once I shared it online shapers from other hubs who had attended my session suggested that we should make it viral. Raveen from Colombo hub came with this suggestion and then Sunil from Hubli Hub jumped into the idea and then started something which I never had in my plans.

Raveen was the first person to write his failure on his message card and share it on social media after clicking it and he challenged 5 friends to share their failure as well.

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