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  • Jan

Open Discussion - Millenial - Who are they?

  • 21 Jan 06:00 pm - 21 Jan 08:00 pm
  • Uncubate.

Millenial - Who are they? Are they boon or Burden? Millenial - we keep hearing this word in different conversations and we wonder what exactly that is? Millenial refers to certain people across the world but who are they? What are they categorized for? What is their positioning in the changing world and globalization? We are going to have an open discussion on young people across the world, how are they connected, how do they see the world and how they use different mediums and technology to establish the whole new culture... is it the self-entitlment? In one way or the other we are all facing the good and the bad consequences of new age media! What is your take? Let's come and discuss with some expert and some peers who are just you. Saturday, 6PM At, Uncubate 308, Aeon Complex, Opp. Navkar Institute, Beside Angira Society, Vijay Cross Roads Ahmedabad 380009