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Sneh Bhavsar

Sneh is the CEO at Impetus Wellness Pvt Ltd. and Managing Director at Stimulus Consultancy. Sneh has been a business analyst and an ISM consultant for most of his career before he started Stimulus, an IT & Business Consulting Firm. He worked for 10+ years in information technology and systems with more than 500 clients, to understand their business problems, translate them and automate them to make the efficient and grow. His core expertise are in business analysis, process analysis/optimization/re-engineering, design, user experience and management. Sneh co-founded Impetus Wellness Pvt Ltd and launched OoWomaniya.com - an online exclusive network for women's health and wellness. With OoWomaniya, he is enabling women of different age groups and strata to access health related information and consultation online from doctors and counselors in private, which is helping women to openly discuss intimate health issues without getting judged - mainly in India and South Asian countries where they follow identical cultures. OoWomaniya was founded during the Design Fellowship Sneh did at Venture Studio under the mentors of Centre for Design Research, Stanford University. Sneh is the Curator of Ahmedabad hub which hosted the first SHAPE South Asia in 2014 with more than 90 participants from 36 different hubs of South Asia. Gender Sensitivity and Civic Issues are on his agenda while he and other shapers are nurturing different hub projects on these issues. Sneh is extremely active within the local Startup Ecosystem - and playing a role of catalysts for several startups to tackle the challenges. Apart from that, Sneh helps start-ups with user need validation, initial formation and technology feasibility. He publishes his views on his blog www.snehism.com - about society, politics, youth and civic sense.

  • Email sneh@stimulusconsultancy.com
  • Mobile 9898989898
  • Company Name Impetus Wellness Pvt Ltd
  • Designation Chief Executive Officer
  • Company 2 StimulusCo
  • Designation Managing Director